Why You Should Book Office Furniture on Rent from Fabrento

Let’s talk business!

If you’re just beginning to start something of your own, we bet you wouldn’t want any additional costs especially on furniture. However, if at all you consider buying office furniture, the fact that it can cost up to Rs. 2.5 Lakhs, will come haunting you.

So, is there a solution?
Of course! It is getting your office furniture on rent from Fabrento but let’s first go through some considerations that you must have in mind in case you want to stick to buying furniture.

Case 1

When you consider buying furniture

So, if you have 10 employees in your company, you’d require about 15 chairs- one for each employee and the others for a conference or interns. Next, you’d need 10 individual desk or one massive desk along with a conference table. Additionally you’d need basic amenities like filing cabinet, a refrigerator, a microwave, oven as well as waiting chairs for clients or potential employees.

These will easily add up to over a lakh rupees exclusive of maintenance charges per month. Also, in case you consider relocating, the cost or moving in and out would also add to these unwanted additional costs.

Case 2

When you get office furniture on rent from Fabrento

Now that you’re here, you probably want to skip the idea of buying office furniture.

So, where can you get started with renting your office furniture?

Right here https://www.fabrento.com/mumbai/office-furniture.html Fabrento offers a wide range of office furniture on rent. You can pick a fancy table one month and order a simpler one the next month, depending upon your budget and convenience. Also, you don’t have to stop at furniture, Fabrento offers office appliances on rent, namely, refrigerator so that not only your furniture but also your daily office appliances can be found at the same place!

Hundreds of emerging and established entrepreneurs have kick started their business with Fabrento, now, it’s your turn! Begin your journey at www.fabrento.com

5 Premium Range Beds From Fabrento That You Need To Get Your Hands On

Here is a compilation of the top 5 beds from Fabrento that you should choose from if you’re considering getting a bed on rent!

1. Decal Queen size Bed with Mattress and Side table
This bed on rent has a beautiful finish that delivers to the bedroom a remarkable tranquility with its unique geometrical design. It captures the gaze of anyone who walks into your bedroom making it hard for them to look around elsewhere.

Package Inclusions with Mattress Size:

  1. Basic
    i) 1 X Decal Queen Size Bed (lxbxh) 6’2″ X 5’0″ X 2’11”

  2. Standard
    i) 1 X Decal Bedside Table (lxbxh) 1’6″ X 1’4″ X 1’6″

  3. Soft Furnishings: Mattress for Bed

    Rent it here- https://www.fabrento.com/delhi/decal-queen-size-bed-with-mattress-and-side-table.html

2. Grande King Bed With Mattress And Side Table
Nothing can prepare you better for a day than a good night’s sleep. Our king size bed on rent is a sturdy double bed which offers comfort and quality to help you be a morning person again!

Package Inclusions:
a) 1 X Grande King bed with Mattress and Side Table (lxbxh) 6′ 3″X6′ 0″X3′ 3″
b) Color: Natural wood, Black

Rent it here-

3. Eden King Size Bed With Mattress And Side table
This sleek and stylish bed on rent, Eden King Size Bed, has clear and beautifully designed lines that give the bed a modern look

Package Inclusions with Mattress Size:
a) Basic
i) 1 X Eden Queen size Bed (lxbxh) 6’2″ X 6’0″ X 2’11”

b) Standard
i) 1 X Eden Bedside Table (lxbxh) 1’6″ X 1’4″ X 1’6″

c) Soft Furnishings: Mattress for Bed

Rent it here-

4. Sorrel King Size Bed with Mattress and Side Table
This bed on rent imitates a traditional look featuring a solid aged wood panel in a smooth, dark tone with a texture finis. The bed ensures a sleek and modern style for the bedroom and of course, a good night’s sleep.

Package Inclusions with Mattress Size:
a) Basic
i) 1 X Sorrel King size Bed (lxbxh) 6’3″ X 6’0″ X 3’3″

b) Standard
i) 1 X Sorrel Bedside Table (lxbxh) 1’6″ X 1’4″ X 1’6″

c) Soft Furnishings: Mattress for Bed

Rent it here-

5. Exude King Size Bed with Mattress and Side Table
This bed on rent comes with an upholstery headboard with slim and padded frame which makes this bed a beautiful look.

Package Inclusions with Mattress Size:
a) Basic
i) 1 X Exude King size Bed (lxbxh) 6’3″ X 6’0″ X 3’3″

b) Standard
i) 1 X Exude Bedside Table (lxbxh) 1’6″ X 1’4″ X 1’6″

c) Soft Furnishings: Mattress for Bed

Rent it here-

You must consider to rent furniture if

1. You are a college student:
A massive number of students who share an apartment live near their college campus. They are in for a short-term arrangement after which they part to follow their respective paths. Although parents of these students can afford furniture, they barely invest in it as it adds up to their living costs.
Now that you know purchasing isn’t the only option, you can rent furniture from a wide range of ‘student furniture’ and well as home furniture to begin your career journey.
Get started here-

2. You’re starting to work at a company away from home:
If it’s the first time you’re moving out of your comfort zone a.k.a.your house, changes are that you want to start a life wherein you are financially independent. And because we understand it’s easier thought than said, we’re here to help. With Fabrento, you can rent furniture directly from our website without having to go out and hunt furniture only to figure out that it doesn’t suit your budget.
Skip the unwanted hassle. Begin your journey towards being financially, here-

3. You’re a frequent flyer who stops at nothing
For someone who’s used to jetlags by now, what better option would it be than to rent furniture when it comes to setting up a home? Save all the money you spend on buying furniture that you barely get to see and utilise what’s saved on experiences, your long-lost hobbies or for your dream car; you’re the best judge!
Unload the afflictions here-

4. You’re a newly married couple
If you’ve just moved into a new house that you’ve built with sweat, blood, and tears, then it’s only worthwhile to create the best of memories in there rather than having to stress over monthly budget constraints. With Fabrento, you can easily rent furniture that suits your needs and budget.
Checkout our premium range of home furniture here-

5. Your moods changes as much as your mind
While you may not be the average ‘young, dumb, and broke’ kid who’s living by himself/herself but most definitely has a mood and mind that switches to trends as soon as they are hashtagged! While budget may not be your area of concern, if you rent furniture, it’s going to save you a lot of money that you otherwise would spend on buying new furniture every month…week…urrr…day!
So, claim your extra bucks here-

Advantages of getting furniture on rent in Delhi

The concept of furniture rental by companies and private individuals has been commonplace in other countries for decades. More and more people in the India are discovering that renting furniture is often a more cost-efficient solution than the many other alternatives. The ease of renting furniture, the low rates and the complete service regarding interiors make it worthwhile to switch to renting.

The advantages listed:

1. No large investments in interior

2. Large stock, quick delivery

3. Flexible rental periods

4. An interior for any budget

5. From basic interiors to fully furnished homes

6. Quality furnishings

7. Design your own interior

8. Reliable and experienced partner for projects

9. Save time, money and your workforce

10. In short, complete service, no more worries about your home furnishings

Why choose Fabrento

With a large variety on furniture on rent in Delhi, we want to enable you to rent an interior at any budget. Our furniture is of high quality and by working with a large stock we are able to provide both basic and extensive home furnishings on short notice. Our people are professional, competent and ready to help you realize your goals. By getting to know your situation and requirement, we can translate your wishes to a suitable interior which fits your budget.

Following are the services you can avail when you rent furniture in Delhi and elsewhere:

●          Free delivery

●          Free Installation

●          Free Yearly Maintenance

●          Hassle-free Payments

●          Easy On Pocket Furniture

●          Speedy Delivery

●          Rent To Buy

Get started here-


Why looking up ‘furniture on rent near me’ will do you wonder

Benefits connected with looking up furniture on rent near me and booking it are as follows-

Dollar Friendly

The maximum a look at hire furniture is the instant fund’s benefit. Although there are good furniture rental companies, you will need to keep a close watch on to your money. By collecting rented household furniture, you’ll add a depreciating advantage to your balance-sheet.

Shifting products and services

When you look up ‘furniture on rent near me’, a lot of the corporations that offer home furniture hiring, in addition, provide no cost move services.

Financial state connected with a degree

A lot of the furniture, when purchased, can prove to be very costly and you need to generate massive investments for the same. Looking up ‘furniture on rent near me’ and booking rented furniture can help in save your time and money. Also, when you experience any kind of inconvenience with the furniture, you can contact the rental company or swap it with some other furniture altogether. 

Free services

When you find rented furniture after looking up ‘rented furniture near me’, you can find rental companies that offer services like free delivery, free assembly, free yearly maintenance and much more!

Why You Must Get Fabrento’s Rental Furniture In 2019

Why Rent?

In times of transition, we all need a place to stay, a place to call home. Why hassle with buying, moving, setting up and then having to move, store, sell or discard furniture when you are done with it? Pick Fabrento instead! It is cost-effective, convenient and hassle-free, furniture rental is the smart, flexible alternative for times of transition.

Life in Transition

Whether long-term or short-term needs, you don’t have to settle when you are commuting for your job. You can have a real, comfortable, home-away-from-home for as long as you need it. Fabrento provides-

●          Rental furniture in most of the cities of India

●          Extensive range of high quality furniture and accessories

●          Pre-packaged by the room, whole home or piece-by-piece

●          Personalized selection service

●          Delivery and setup under 72 hours


College is overwhelming enough. Why add truck rental, heavy lifting and furniture assembly to the mix? Crack open the books – not your back. With Fabrento the following services can be availed-

●          Free delivery and setup

●          Hassle-free payments

●          Free yearly maintenance

●          Pocket-friendly packages

And You

Life is full of surprises. Whether your situation is temporary or not so temporary, Fabrento has cost-effective, quality rental furniture solutions to help ease times of transition.

Whatever your style, budget, time frame, or location, we’re at your service to provide you a furnished life without compromise or commitment.

Things You Should Know Before Getting Furniture on Rent

When should you rent?

Anyone who has moved from one apartment to the other knows the pain of moving furniture. People pay a huge bomb for permanent furniture hampers their movement and makes it a massive liability. Hence, switching to rental furniture in this case is an optimal choice. It helps purge the hassle of having to carry your furniture every time you move to a new house or a city.

Moreover, relocating furniture can often result in damage. Thus, if you’re in a situation that calls for a temporary living arrangement, renting makes more sense.

How much does it cost to rent furniture?

Moving into a new house or a city can alone get you on a tight budget, let alone purchasing furniture and home appliances. A typical 2BHK house can be furnished in as less as Rs 3,999. The same furniture will cost anywhere from Rs 1,50,000 to 2,00,000 if you wishes to purchase the same. The cost hence of course of buying is higher than renting.

How can Fabrento help you?

Fabrento, a well known name in the furniture rental industry can make it a piece of cake for you to get furniture on rent. It’s easy, affordable, and luxurious. Fabrento lets you rent furniture for your living room, bedroom, dining room, study room, kitchen and additionally provides rented home appliances to ease up your daily chores. You can also customize your plan as per your requirements. Fabrento operates in major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, and Bangalore and in many more cities.  Fabrento Typically offers an annual, three-month or six-month plan. You can choose whichever plan suits you best. You can also exchange the furniture or buy it after your rental plan is over. When you get furniture on rent from Fabrento, you get not only the best rental furniture but also free delivery, installation, and yearly maintenance which hassle-free payments that are also easy on your pocket.

How does it work?

• Pick the furniture you wish to rent

• Fill the form and proceed to pay

• The amount you spend is a refundable security deposit

• And you are done! Fabrento will deliver and set the furniture for you!

5 Best Furniture Rental Services Provided by Fabrento

Are you looking up companies to rent furniture from? Here are 5 reasons why Fabrento is your best bet!

1. Free delivery and installation

The free installation, as well as the white glove delivery service, provides all the furniture assembling assistance you may need while setting up the furniture. You may or may not be able to assemble the furniture correctly but the delivery team will use their expertise to do the job correctly.

2. Free yearly maintenance

Maintenance is the key to the longevity of your furniture. Clean metal surfaces, particularly tables, when debris builds on surfaces or just when you want to admire its beautiful color. Bird droppings, sap, leaves (organic substances) and other potentially corrosive substances should be cleaned as soon as noticed. But don’t you worry, Fabrento takes care your rented furniture for free that too for an entire year!

3. Well crafted packages

Pick from curated packages designed to fit your space, style & budget. When you decide to rent furniture packages with Fabrento, you are sure to get the best furniture rental services all across India.

4. Easy on pocket

It makes financial sense to rent furniture when you’re on a budget, after all, who would mind paying for furniture that costs as less a cup of coffee?

5. Hassle-free payments

Fabrento provides online payment processing to make all your payments with Fabrento super easy and hassle-free, and ensure that all your experiences- from payments to getting the best furniture rental services- a joyride.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent Furniture Online With Fabrento

Moving into a new home can be a great experience for some while a terrible one for others. This is exactly where Fabrento steps in to ease up all apprehensions.

Here are few ways how your friendly, neighborhood Fabrento sticks by your side!

1. Fabrento doesn’t let your budget hold you back

Yes, we know you’re moving out without anybody’s help- guidance or financial; this can choke your spending. With Fabrento, you can rent furniture online and save up the bomb that you’d be spending on buying furniture. You don’t have to compromise on quality, Fabrento brings to you the best of furniture in super affordable prices.

2. You’ll save yourself from buying furniture that offers superficial comfort

When you go to a store to buy furniture, the comfort that you experience in a couple of minutes may not be suffice to know whether the furniture is durable, the best you can get in the given price range, and will continue to provide the same comfort. With Fabrento, rent furniture that you like which can easily be switched in the blink of an eye.

3. Your home can now reflect your personality

For the fashionista you, for the professional you, for the calm you, there’s furniture to suit all personalities and all moods. Fabrento is the hottest website you rent furniture online from!

4. Be a student in the morning and a rock star by the night

Change the look of your studio apartment room without reducing space. Fabrento offers space efficient furniture that makes your early morning research as fun as your late night concerts.

5. Live commitment free

You don’t have to hangout with the same old furniture that continues to be a liability more than a luxury. So, now’s the time to get started with Fabrento to rent furniture online for the first time! Begin your journey at www.fabrento.com

5 Benefits of Getting Appliances on Rent

If you’re not convinced enough the idea of renting appliances, here’s what you must consider-

1. Getting new appliances and replacement is unimaginably easy

If you need a new or replacement appliance but don’t have the money for an upfront purchase, rented appliances are a great alternative. You can choose from a wide variety of home appliances to suit your daily needs and rent them all in the blink of an eye!

2. Low weekly/monthly payments than average EMIs

The lure getting home appliances on rent online is the ability to walk away with a new appliance for relatively low weekly or monthly payments. The cost of your rented appliances can be as less as a single meal!

3. Eases your pocket when you’re on a budget

For someone who doesn’t have enough credit to finance an appliance at a regular retail store renting appliances from online portal can prove to be a great idea. Rented home appliances are budget friendly, ease up your daily chores and are as durable as any other purchased appliance.

4. Easy returns with no penalty

If you no longer need or can no longer afford a rented appliance, you can return it without penalty or damage to your credit score. When you get appliances on rent, they’ll be picked up by the rental company at your convenience and without any additional costs.

5. You can even purchase the rented appliances at exciting prices

A furniture and home appliances rental company such as Fabrento offers the availability of rent to buy which means that you can not only get appliances on rent but also buy them when you wish to