Choose a Sofa-Cum-Bed on Rent for your Living Room

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The Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Sofa-Cum-Bed for your Living Room

The living room is a space where we receive guests and we lounge around. In this space, we usually invite guests and entertain them even as we strive to make them feel at home. In India, many times, family and friends drop by for a sleep over or to stay over for a few days. Many urban homes now have compact spaces where it is difficult to cater for a separate guest bedroom, especially if you have a large family or friend circle who visit you often.


For this reason, many people choose convenience over beauty when they are purchasing furniture. Yet, it is not necessary to have to choose between both. You can have beauty and functionality in one clean sweep by picking furniture that multi tasks. A sofa-cum-bed is one of the most convenient pieces of furniture that looks good by day and becomes a comfortable bed by night.

So, here are the top 5 reasons why you need to get yourself this simple yet versatile piece of furniture.

  1. Take advantage of the cost of renting furniture: If you have been thinking of getting furniture on rent or a double bed on rent, then you may want to look at this option more closely. The cost of investing in a sofa-cum-bed on a rental basis in case you feel the need to entertain more guests on a frequent basis will definitely be a more economical one. And you can use this option as and when you are expecting guests!
  1. Save on Space: Space is a major constraint in many urban apartments and homes. This becomes more of an issue if there is a wedding or any other event in the family where many people or a group of people may arrive at one time and the bedrooms of the home may not be sufficient to accommodate them all. In such cases, it is easy if you have a sofa cum bed or a pull-out bed which does not eat up space during the day, or in any of the bedrooms either. In order to save space, one must also shy away from putting too many beds in the bedroom.
  1. It’s a lightweight furniture: The lightweight good looks of a sofa cum bed ensures that you can keep things casual in your home, which gives you the space and mindset to have fun times with your family and friends. If you have pieces of furniture on rent, they will be bulky and even large to stow away.
  1. High on functionality: This kind of sofa cum bed makes it easy to fold it up during the day so that you can sweep and swab the home and living room very easily during the day. Again, pull it out at night to accommodate a guest.
  1. Dress it Up: Use bright throws and colourful cushions to dress up this piece of furniture, which will create a fun theme in your home. The mattress can also be folded so that it becomes a comfortable space to sit on. Remember to use neutral shades for the upholstery and colourful pillows as a contrast, especially if you have a small space!

If you are looking for functional furniture, a sofa-cum-bed is the right piece for you. Oh and did we mention that we make really cool and comfy sofa-cum-beds. Love the idea? Give us a call right away at 011-39585883 or check out the sofa-cum-beds




These top 4 reasons are making Millennials Rent Furniture

Rent Furnirure Online

Most of us have lived in an era when our parents proudly owned a couch or bed that lasted quarter of a century without complain. Most of them also happily worked hard at the same place for decades and lived what we call now a “regular” life. It’s something that we, the millennials, cannot imagine doing today. We like to live the unconventional way, challenge the norm, see new places and do new things. To put it more specifically, India’s 440 million millennials don’t want to “own” happiness. We want to “experience” it.

And that is probably why most millennials don’t embrace the concept of purchasing furniture for a lifetime. It’s so much easier to rent. After all, if apartments and cars can be rented then why not furniture!

Here are the top 4 reasons why millennials are getting furniture on rent.

1. Free yourself from logistics

For people like us, jobs, internships and even voluntary work can take one across cities and even countries. Imagine hauling bag, baggage and furniture every single time just because you own it! Not to mention the added transportation costs for the moving van. But if you choose to your furniture from a company like Fabrento, you can simply make it all magically disappear with a few clicks and make them reappear when you are ready to settle in the new place. For a 20-something, the world is a playground and you don’t need to shackle yourself to a piece of wood or spend time buying and selling it when you can easily rent it. Fabrento takes away your furnishing problems and delivers exactly the furniture you want, right at your doorstep.

2. Make settling in easy

As we move into a new place, the first thing that we want to do is get our house in order with the bare essentials and experiment with probably a few looks. Buying all that new furniture is going to take a few precious weekends in selecting and finalizing and also burn a few holes in the pocket – not something that any of us look forward to. But what if could simply rent furniture online and it all gets delivered to your home in no time. All you need to do is visit, check the décor you need for your house and order. Fabrento allows you to even rent supplies like curtains, lamps along with regular furniture so that you can go from “rented place” to “my space” over the weekend. With rentals starting as low as Rs 800 per month, you don’t have to worry about spending your month’s salary settling your credit card bill either.

3. If it isn’t picture perfect, you send it back

This one is really a huge thing. Unless you have an interior designer doing up your rented apartment (which, again, is a crazy thing to do), you are going to settle for things you buy in bits and pieces. This may not make the big picture look very pretty and you’ll get stuck with some of the bad ones for a long time. Instead, rent what you like and if it doesn’t fit your space, you can easily send it back and get a new one. Renting furniture is perfect when you are experimenting with looks and want to just try out something new without making a costly mistake.

4. No need to feel bad for your old furniture

The first pieces of furniture you buy are always special. But as you move on it life, the love for that wooden-framed mirror, wicker sofas and that antique bed, which you spent your first salaries on, might just have vanished. You suddenly discover that you want to change to more sophisticated lounge chairs, modern bed designs and contemporary décor that lend a chic Parisian look. Renting furniture can spare you from the guilt of dumping off the old furniture and also keep your house decluttered.

So if you are a millennial thinking of setting up your house, think of renting instead of buying all that furniture. It’s whole new world of home interiors out there and your experience is just the beginning.

Why Millenials Should Rent Furniture

Rental Furniture

The 21st century is a century of convenience. When we say “convenience, we’re talking online and we’re talking rentals. The web is host to a seething mass of sites dedicated to online shopping – right from your fruits and veggies to your innerwear to the snazziest of hi-tech gadgets! Don’t have ready cash? Opt for EMIs! Truly, is there anything out of reach these days? We think not! As for rentals – you can rent-a-book, rent-a-car, rent-a-whatever-you-want! In this scenario, it’s no surprise that renting furniture isn’t far behind!

So let’s think furniture rentals.

Hold on a second. Are we talking about taking furniture on rent?

Sure, we know none of the furniture in your parents’ home is rented and Mom would probably raise an eyebrow at the thought – but we’re talking the Millennium here, folks!

This is the era of job-hopping professionals and the proliferating tribe of packers-and-movers (smart chaps, keeping pace with growing demand)! So tell me, if you can rent a house, why can’t you rent the furniture? It’s not like furniture is an investment. You buy a house, you buy gold – that’s investment. The price of property and the price of gold appreciates and significantly at that! But the value of furniture drops the instant it enters your house. Why waste a hefty sum on buying a lavish sofa set, dining set and what-have-you when you can rent all this and more in perfectly good condition at a fraction of the cost – and spend the rest of the money on a nice, relaxing holiday on the beach instead!

Buying furniture is for when you settle down in one place for good, like Mom and Pop. But when you’re sharing an apartment with university buddies, when you’ve just moved to a new town and don’t want to furnish your rented accommodation in a hurry, when you’re posted to another city for the short term – well, renting your furniture is a no-brainer! You can even rent costly designer furniture that may otherwise be outside your purchase budget! And if the furniture rental company has a refund policy and damage cover, well, you’re completely sorted! In fact, even Mom and Pop can try out that comfy expensive recliner they’ve had their eye on but aren’t sure if it’s worth the price. Just rent a similar recliner for your dear ones to enjoy at a tithe of the actual cost!

Obviously, renting furniture is an online affair. Oh yes, furniture rental companies flow with the trend! Getting your home furniture on rent online is a piece of cake. Just browse the numerous options on your furniture rental website and select your desired pieces or packages for home delivery! When you’re done, the furniture is collected from your door. So it’s as clear as can be – renting furniture is as easy as pie, it’s a huge money-saver and it’s practical and convenient! Reasons enough for the millennials to start renting their home décor, wouldn’t you say?!